Good Morning John,

Thank you for the lovely email. It was a pleasure working with you and the entire team. Everything was awesome and YES enjoyed by all in attendance. I would love to give a testimonial. See below

The 3NINE is an awesome venue for any type of occasion corporate or private. The entire staff displayed top notch professionalism, commitment and dedication from beginning to end for our reception held during the International Chiefs of Police Convention. John, Wes, Rashid and their staff went above and beyond to ensure my stress level was zero and that all of our requirements were met to include site setup menu recommendations, floral arrangements and entertainment logistics. All this coordination was all done virtual which is very hard to do. But with a team as awesome as 3NINE you can’t go wrong. I would HIGHLY recommend this venue for all occasions. Thank you John, Wes and entire 3NINE team for making AFOSI event a HUGE success and I look forward to our return to your venue in four years.


Amentia “Ms T” Johnson
Command Protocol, AFOSI
27130 Telegraph Rd, Rm W1634
Quantico, Virginia 22134
Email: amentia.johnson@us.af.mil
Comm: 571-305-8025
DSN: 240-8025

What's Your Experience

To be honest, there were so many associates that provided exceptional service that I can’t remember all their names. It was obvious that Rosen Plaza is very aware of the importance of the interactions between staff and quests. Your staff treated me and my party as if we were the only guests in that hotel. They were fabulous! I have to say that I think this type of attitude only comes from the top down so I have to add that management is definitely doing something right. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend!

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